Section Guides

  • Collection Development Aid Rev. 01/2009 (pdf) [60KB]

  • Collection Development Policy Rev. 1/2012 (pdf) [176KB]

  • Consumer Protection Information Guide Rev. 01/2010 (pdf) [210KB] (Word) [660KB]

  • Federal Documents Section, Hawaii State Library Rev. 1/2012 (pdf) [459KB] (publisher) [450KB]

  • Federal Government Resources for Americans Traveling Abroad Rev. 04/2009 (pdf) [102KB] (Word) [130KB]

  • A Guide to Passport Services at the Hawaii State Library Rev. 04/2014 (pdf) [275KB] (Word) [2.76MB]

  • A Guide to Patents & Related Resources at Hawaii State Library Rev. 01/2012 (pdf) [451KB] (publisher) [264KB]

  • Selected National Parks, Preserves, Historical Sites & Memorials of the United States Rev. 12/2009 (pdf) [214KB] (Word) [682KB]

  • The Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) Classification System Rev. 10/12/2005 (pdf) [33KB] (Word) [43KB]