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The Federal Documents Section was independently formed on April 19, 1971 to accommodate the special collection and is located on the second floor of the Hawaii State Library. We select and help disseminate federal government documents, information and related materials to supplement the general collection of the Hawaii State Library.

The Hawaii State Library was designated a selective Federal Depository Library on May 31, 1929. We provide a resource-rich environment with no-fee access to materials and resources published by the federal government. A dedicated public access computer is available in the section for priority use to search and use any federal government supported website or database.


Other Federal Depository Libraries within the Hawaii State Public Library System include the Lihue Public Library on the island of Kauai and the Kahului Public Library on the island of Maui.

This Section was designated the sole Patent and Trademark Resource Center in Hawaii, and for the Pacific area, on December 18, 1989. We have been a certified Passport Acceptance Facility since July 15, 2003 and a Hawaii State Data Center Affiliate for the Hawaii State Library since March 12, 2007.